I went to the cinema to see Sound of Freedom, which is based on a true story. It is the most heart breaking film. -  I cried throughout! If you haven't seen it, as hard as it is to watch! - It will leave you with a righteous anger!!!


Now available to watch on Amazon Prime. 

The statistics are horrifying 2.2 million CHILDREN!! Children, some as young as 3 & 4 years old!! Kidnapped from their families so that men can rape them! Children - girls and boys! Raped up to 7-10 times a day! A DAY!!!! 

In the UK alone, the statistics for 2022 were that 7019 children were identified as trafficked in England and Wales. (National Referral Mechanism Statistics)

In 2022, 640 ULRs displaying child sexual abuse imagery were hosted in the UK, an increase of 68% from 381 URLs in 2021. (Internet Watch Foundation)

There are many incredible charities that are fighting against child trafficking.

A21 - is a world-wide charity abolishing slavery everywhere. With your help, they can continue to eradicate human trafficking through awareness, intervention, and aftercare. 

A21 (UK)  - Partnering with authorities to secure the freedom of victims and the conviction of human traffickers through programs like child advocacy centres.

That's just one charity; there are others that you can partner with to help rescue children from the depths of hell.

Millions of children right now are being abused—trapped, living in incredible fear, pain, and agony—crying themselves to sleep at night. Hoping for an end to their misery. This is the sickening, stark reality!

And the question I have for you is:

How will you make a difference? 

You can make a difference by:

1. Donate to a charity fighting against child trafficking.

2. Educate Yourself: Visit to access free educational resources.

3. Become an advocate - Raise awareness of child trafficking.


I will be going to every underground station to hand out leaflets to raise awareness for charities fighting against child trafficking.

(Please note that I do not work for any charity.)


I was utterly shocked to learn that 99% of victims are NEVER rescued! 

This figure has to change; it can not stay the same! 

You can help make that number change.

Be a difference maker! 

Together, we can fight child trafficking and all trafficking. 




                                BECAUSE OF YOU  -   A CHILD IS PETRIFIED

                                BECAUSE OF YOU  -  A CHILD IS RAPED DAILY

                                BECAUSE OF YOU  -  A CHILD IS IN AGONY

                                BECAUSE OF YOU  -  A CHILD IS SUFFERING

                                BECAUSE OF YOU  -  A CHILD IS IN DESPAIR

                               BECAUSE OF YOU   -  A CHILD'S LIFE IS DESTROYED

                               BECAUSE OF YOU -    A CHILD WANTS TO DIE